acidtest small 2


08.08 – 31.08.
Opening 08.08.19 16-20.

Uffesgade 2, 2200 CPH. N

The exhibition is an auto-fiction about architecture as power, violent desires and the psycho-pathologies of the Ideal City.

Each chemical cloud is a vowel, is an alphabet, is an apartment block, made from spells and singing plagues in the precarious hollow of your language. Collapse is a form of delivery now, in the economy of the futureless, the bastard ‘we’ of greater closeness. Government, bankers and cops, Tar-psychology and boredom. The smouldering spring in love and the poisoned land belonging to law enforcement or buildings collapsing. The police-mouth, the capitalist architecture of our data-sets; a mouth. Bone and textile of our stark silence across applications and semantics. The magnetized production. The dead charts. The ghost sequence in the living ‘we’. The soul of employment of our faculties contained by binaries, by 0 and 1. These are the alphabets of the electrodes, of the apartment blocks, this is the language of the chemical clouds, of the concentration city. The simulated isolation tests and perverted institutions. Monstrous politically contained spiders. A long galvanized tunnel for us to walk in, echo on top of echo under the stupid sun. The blackbird song was in the throat, but it has slime & slaves & saliva. Refusal-conditions and mercury. Your desire has spy-rings around it in your breaths of the city, which is likely to be alive. A murderous environment of greater inequalities. They became thin & less, are blackbirds or forgotten. Now as wires at your throat, Former employees, 502 commies, thieves wanted and burning.”